This page has special gear not normally found on the wiki

Healing Salve
Cost: 30Gp
Use: Standard
Effect: Provides fast healing 1 for a number of rounds(max 10) based on a heal DC 5 check. Every +1 above grants an extra round up to a maximum of 10 rounds

Healing water
Cost: 50 gp
Use: as a potion
Effect: This when drank cures dehydration sickness and restores 1 point of HP

Healing kit
Cost 75gp
Use: 1 round (provokes)
Effect: Roll Healing check and heal for that ammount

Grapple launcher
Cost: 150 gold
Requires: Rope (20 ft min), grappling hook
Use: Standard
Effect: This launcher gives a rope and grapple a range increment of 30ft instead of 10 ft. If used in combat counts as an improvised weapon. Placing a rope on the spool takes 1 minute however retracting a cable on the spool is a move action.


Ethor: Desert World Avrion