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It is on this planet we live and we will die, abandoned by gods and forsaken by nature. There are no rules out here in the desert, only sadness, misery and decay. Those who wander often find death before riches, will you join them?

What kind of Game is this?

This is an adventure/exploration survival with some story shadowing the events that transpire. Each mission or job with each of the different groups will increase influence and effects that may transpire later. The environment stands a good chance of being hazardous and even lethal to players if the conditions align.

Ethor is a low magic world with some miscellaneous technologies that can be found dredging up the past. So grab your water skin, jump on a camel and explore.

Setting Information – contains info about the setting
Character rules – Rules for character creation
Special Rulings – Contains the environmental rules and some class rulings

Ethor: Desert World

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