Setting Information

World information
Ethor contains info about Ethor’s environs
Calendar contains the The Ethorian calendar
Races Contains information about the races

Nath The current government stronghold of the Nath government.
Pior A small coummunity by the frostbit mountain.
Peterny A medium community of trade
Kato A larger community with some hustle and bustle

The Ruined city Alkashi – City of the ancients long since passing, many dangers and treasures await
Salt lake ElvesElves of the Salt lake
Orc stronghold OrokOrc settlement
Ruins of Eden – The Ghost town of Eden, a once prosperous city
Ferro Monestary – Monks of knowledge and preservation

VanCo – The guild of many works
Rita Mercenary Company – Somebody got a job? does it involve firefights
The Caravaneers – Have goods will travel

New Gear
Equipment contains information about equipment not found in the SRD
Firearms Contains information about firearms

Setting Information

Ethor: Desert World Avrion