Kato – the city of Spring
population: 1000
Services: VanCo guild hall, Rita Mercenary Company tavern, Nath government
Sights: The Springs of hope

Kato is a city founded on the fortune of finding lots of water, next to a salt lake they sprung open several wells which have brought the city wealth.

Locations within the City
Goldwill Store General adventuring supplies
Kaz’s Workshop A crafter/blacksmith
VanCo supplies A company store near the VanCo guild hall
Dry Sting tavern A local tavern for travellers
City hall more like city manor, contains maps and charts related to the city
Well Springs Eternal Factory The workers who control the water supply
Dune Buggies for when one needs to cross the desert.

John Goldwill- owner of the Goldwill Store

Kaz – The crafter and owner of Kaz’s Workshop

Marielle StarlightVanCo for the VanCo supplies shop
Two Strike ThomasVanCo Guild representative/local leader

Rita Elska – Leader of the Rita Mercenary Company

Ficus Findley – Owner of the Dry Sting tavern
Lisa Findley – Barkeep of the Dry Sting tavern
Avery twins – Waiter and Waitress of the Dry Sting tavern

Mayor Weston – Mayor of the City of Kato
ElizaCity hall – receptionist.

Lieutenant James BinneryNath representative
Warrant Officer Luke BinnyNath representative at Well Springs Eternal Factory
Foreman JohnsonWell Springs Eternal Factory Foreman
John TakeoWell Springs Eternal Factory gate guard

Carl Smaggan – Owner of Dune Buggies


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